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Jeff Zindars is the person who handles our software and customer databases. He has recently changed our system to a modern software where we can have all of your piano information in one place. With the databases that Ted wrote in the mid 80's, we had customer service records here, pictures there, and communications with customers' insurance companies somewhere else. With the new system, we now can have everything in one place. Therefore, if you have your piano insured separately, we'll have photos of the instrument, its service history, the verification letter to your insurance company, a copy of your insurance certificate all in your file. If the piano has a datalogger that's recording daily temperature and humidity changes, that info also will be stored in the same file! It's amazing stuff. It truly is. On the con side, it's scary to think of all of that info together in one place. There are going to be redundant daily backups and a paper trail as long as Ted is alive! If you would like us to put your piano insurance information into our records, please let us know. There's no charge for that service as long as we do it with a tuning. Otherwise, you'll have a $65 service call is all. 

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